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Photo gallery S-cube


View photos of a wide variety of configurations of the S-cube room-in-room system!


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Pro-Tent’s revolutionary room-in-room solution.


S-cube, the revolutionary room-in-room principle


24 months of development were based on a vision. The vision of a modern room.
A room that is not bound by walls, can be freely designed and modified whenever required – including
its location: the S-cube.


S-cube is the response to modern space requirements.


The new room-in-room system from Pro-Tent in the form of a lounge - stunning!Design customised spaces with the S-cubeSet up with precision, perfect to look atThe room can be set up within a matter of minutesSet-up with interior façadesSet-up with interior and exterior façadesSystem profiles with special talentsFabric walls—definitely not boringVertical greening and masonry—not a problem!Concrete look and ornamentations—design it as you please!



Designing rooms with the new S-cube

The S-cube is not a cube-shaped room but rather an extremely versatile room-in-room solution with three dimensions of quality:


  • Rapidly set-up, even by non-professionals, thanks to the standardised system
  • Unlimited design options, thanks to innovative multi-profiles
  • All demands towards modern rooms – acoustics, insulation,
    illumination and air-conditioning have been addressed



Let us introduce you to our S-cube.


Everything you need to know about the new S-cube profiles The backbone of our flexible room-in-room solution: the profiles.

The S-cube revolutionises the world of system solutions with innovative multi-profiles:
They can accommodate panels of different thicknesses.


Take a closer look at the principle behind the profiles ...


Design flexibility with the room-in-room system Design flexibility: What is possible?

Provide either the interior or the exterior façade or even both with completely
different designs!


Design creative rooms that meet all requirements ...


See the revolutionary room solution being set up Setting up the S-cube.

Thanks to our folding frame, the room is defined within a matter of minutes.
The profiles are easily assembled – with only two tools!


Set up of Pro-Tent‘s room-in-room solution ...


Modern office concepts—quickly implemented with the S-cube The S-cube for offices.

Modern offices are flexible: The S-cube adapts to your space requirements
and the look you wish to create, e.g. open-plan offices or meeting rooms.


Realise customised office concepts ...


Store design with the new S-cubeCreative store design.

Be it complete shop-in-shop solutions or promotional areas that are creatively
implemented: Virtually anything is possible with this room-in-room system.


Visions for your store design ...


System: The room solution as an exhibition stand S-cube as an exhibition system.

You can build with interior façades, exterior façades – or both. You can combine
or subdivide the room, extend it or utilise only two walls …


Good news for exhibition stand builders!